Mobility scooter stolen in Burnham

Mobility scooter stolen in Burnham

An earlier photo of the stolen mobility scooter


A Burnham grandmother has had her mobility scooter stolen from a quiet street in the village.

On Monday, May 9, the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was heading towards Burnham Library when her vehicle run out of power along Buttermere Avenue.

Parking the scooter safely, she removed the key and left the vehicle on the pavement, hoping to return to her scooter with assistance from someone who could take it to a charging point.

However, when she returned approximately one-and-a-quarter hours later she discovered that the scooter had disappeared.

Knocking on the door of the house where the scooter was left immobile, the grandmother was told by the homeowner that two men had asked her about who it belonged to and then lifted it into the back of their vehicle and drove away.

The victim regularly makes this journey and has never had any issues before.

She said: "It is no good to anyone really as they need to charge it and have a key.  If the needy person who stole my mobility scooter would like to contact me I will give them the charger and key. 

“They obviously need it more than I do!”

Scooters can be difficult to insure and cost on average £2,615 new.

Wendy Strathdee, of the Burnham Neighbourhood Watch bulletin, said:  “It’s pretty low to steal something on which somebody obviously depends to be able to get about but sadly that's the kind of world in which we live now.”

Police have been notified and anyone with any information on the incident is urged to contact 101 with the crime reference number: 20220509-1312.

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