Military police group ousts member over disputed service claim

Military police group ousts member over disputed service claim

A man previously involved with the Burnham Royal British Legion has been expelled from his regiment’s association after his professed military service was challenged.

Nick MacDonald has claimed to be a veteran of the Falklands War and recipient of medals but those claims been repeatedly challenged by veterans.

Those ex-servicemen are dedicated to outing ‘Walter Mittys’, the pejorative nickname given to people who either outright fabricate or exaggerate military service.

Mr MacDonald was interviewed by the Advertiser during 2012 - when he was living in Farnham Royal - in good faith, in which he said he was in the battles of Goose Green and Wireless Ridge during the Falklands War.

He has previously said he was in the Royal Military Police and has been active at fundraising and memorial events with the Burnham branch of the Royal British Legion.

He has been part of the Royal Military Police Association – a group for members of that regiment – but it has this month voted to expel him from the organisation.

In a statement, the Royal Military Police Association said a proposal to expel Mr MacDonald for life at its Saturday, May 11 annual general meeting in Stretton, Cheshire, was ‘unanimously supported by the membership’.

“It is reiterated that Mr MacDonald has no right to wear any insignia, uniform or accoutrements that may lead others to believe that he ever served as a warranted member of the Royal Military Police,” the statement said.

“This association stands by all statements, both public and private, previously made to Mr MacDonald.”

Previously, it said Mr MacDonald had ‘no service in the armed forces beyond a short and incomplete spell of basic military training in 1974’ and ‘no right to purport or appear to be a veteran of any standing’ or claim to have earned medals.

Mr MacDonald could not be contacted on Tuesday.

The Advertiser understands the Burnham Royal British Legion has not had contact with Mr MacDonald since November last year.

The national Royal British Legion was contacted last week about Mr MacDonald but had so far not responded.

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