Further call for urgent action at 'dangerous' Windsor junction

Further call for urgent action at 'dangerous' Windsor junction

L-R: David Bonney, Iain Crocker, Cllr Amy Tisi, Martin Gibbons, John Symon

A Windsor councillor has demanded firm action from the council after another collision at a blackspot junction in Maidenhead Road.

Cllr Amy Tisi (Lib Dem, Clewer East) wants the Royal Borough to do something before it is too late, fearing that a fatal incident could occur if no safety work is done.

Several incidents in recent years have taken place near the roundabout, which joins with Mill Lane.

Another one happened on Saturday, when a cyclist was knocked off their bike after being hit by a motorist.

It follows other serious incidents at the junction over the last two years.

In March, a 15-year-old boy was taken to hospital after being hit by a car on the nearby zebra crossing, while another child was knocked off his bike in September last year.

Nearby resident Martin Gibbons set up a petition in the spring asking the council to 'urgently upgrade’ the zebra crossings to toucan versions.

His efforts garnered hundreds of signatures but not enough for a debate, despite Cllr Tisi presenting it at November’s full council meeting.

The Liberal Democrat said the latest incident has further fuelled her desire to push for change in Mill Lane before a road user is killed.

She is due to meet the council’s lead member for transport, Cllr Gerry Clark, on Wednesday to discuss plans.

Cllr Tisi added that the cyclist involved in the incident at the weekend was unhurt.

“I am hoping that [meeting] will be an update where they tell us good news,” Cllr Tisi said.

“It is really frustrating because we keep saying that this is dangerous and we have not had any more communication about what is going to happen.

“Every few months something like this happens.”

Cllr Tisi said that the reason for the petition not reaching the required number of signatures may have been down to the fact the issue covers a specific area within the borough.

She added that other improvements could be made to the junction, such as making the roundabout itself safer for cyclists by creating cycle lanes, while the approach to the junction is also ‘quite cluttered’.

“There is lots going on, it is not always clear and people aren’t slowing down when they hit that 30mph zone,” she said.

“They miss the zebra crossing entirely and hit the roundabout at considerable speed.

“When I get a message from a resident about the junction, my heart skips a beat because I am convinced that one of these days there will be a fatal accident.

“I can’t live with that on my conscience, and neither should the council. We have got to do something before that happens.”

Cllr Clark said: “Highways safety is a top priority for the council and we take seriously any reports of incidents. We take advice from police and if advised that road layout needs improving, then we investigate.

“At this location, we are shortly meeting with the petitioner to discuss the issues they have raised.

“While this junction is compliant with design standards and no concerns have been raised by police, we did still ask our engineers to review if any improvements were appropriate.

“Engineers have identified that possible improvements for pedestrians and cyclists could be made, which they are currently assessing alongside exploring capital funding opportunities.”

South Central Ambulance has been contacted for further information. 

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