Windsor crime round up: Smoke security system foils burglary

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams
Windsor Crime round up: Smoke security system foils burglary

The following crimes have been reported in Windsor and surrounding areas in the past week. If you have any information on them, use the online reporting tool at or call 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email 

All information comes via Thames Valley Police's neighbourhood alerts. (

Central Windsor:

Sunday, October 24, 6.55pm, Windsor and Eton Riverside Station. Two locked up bikes stolen. One black and yellow Carrera Vulcan men’s mountain bike, no description for the second. Ref. No: 43210480296

Thursday, October 28, 9.25pm, Peascod Street. The fire brigade were called to what was thought to be a fire, but it turned out to be a possible attempted burglary, with the deployment of a security fog system.

This instantly fills the premises with a thick cloud of dense smoke, so it is impossible to see anything. It also includes a very fine spray of a UV fluid, which is impossible to remove from hair and clothing.

No entry was gained and nothing was stolen. Ref. No: 43210487350

Monday, October 25, 8pm to Wednesday, October 27, 4.30pm, St Marks Road. The owner found their car in the morning with its doors open. Items stolen. Ref. No: 43210485359

Saturday, October 30, 5.30pm-8.30pm, Osborne Road. Shed broken into. Door left unlocked bike stolen. A white Carrera bike. Ref. No: 43210490443

Saturday, October 30, 3.15pm-4.15pm, leisure pool car park. Locked up bike stolen. A silver hybrid mountain bike. 

Eton and Eton Wick:

Friday, October 22, 4.30pm to Saturday, October 23, 1pm, building site in Pococks Lane, Eton. Padlocks on the site gates removed and the gates found open. One-tonne dumper was stolen. Ref. No: 43210479702

Sunday, October 24, 4.40pm, shop in High Street, Eton. Rear door forced and till stolen. Ref. No: 43210480143

Wednesday, October 27, 9.40am, High Street, Eton. Locked up bike stolen. A white Butler mountain bike. Ref. No: 43210484496

Clewer, Dedworth & Oakley Green:

Sunday, October 24, 3.20pm, Stevensons Drive. Car index plates stolen. Ref. No: 43210480023

Monday, October 25, 0.40am, Burton Way. Homeowner found two men trying to steal his moped. As soon as the house lights came on, the men left. Police carried out an area search but no-one was found. Ref. No: 43210480653

Friday, October 22 to Monday, October 25, Bridgeman Drive. Car index plates stolen. Ref. No: 43210480914

Sunday, October 24, 2pm to Tuesday, October 26, 12pm, Nelson Road. Shed door forced and found open. A lawnmower put outside and a bike stolen. A black Trek man’s bike. Ref. No: 43210483345

Monday, October 25, 5pm-7.30pm, Dedworth Road. Bike stolen from behind the takeaway. A black and lime green bike. Ref. No: 43210482009

Thursday, October 28, 8.25am, car rear window smashed and laptop stolen. Ref. No: 4321048607

Sunday, October 31, 5pm to Monday, November 1, 10.15am, Harcourt Road. Car rear windscreen smashed. Ball bearing found inside the car. Ref. No: 43210492840

Clewer East and Park:

Thursday, October 28, 1.15pm, Osborne Court, Osborne Road. Cables to security lights cut. Ref. No: 432104486653

Sunday, October 31, 11.35am, Keeler Close. A witness reported a youth on a bike riding along parked cars looking into them with a torch. Ref. No: 43210492337

Old Windsor:

Saturday, October 23, to Saturday, October 30, Cornwell Road. Garage block break and lock cut off. Nothing stolen. Ref. No: 43210491415

Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury:

Sunday, October 24, 7.10pm, outside a coffee shop in The Green, Datchet. The owner of a motorbike saw a man walk up to steal it. The owner ran out and three teenagers ran off, one riding the motorcycle. The bike was later found abandoned and was recovered. Ref. No: 432104803

Tuesday, October 26, 8pm, The Embankment, Wraysbury. The police received a report from the burglar alarm monitoring company that two men were inside the property.

The offenders had forced rear patio doors and carried out an untidy search of the whole house. The police attended immediately with the dog team and carried out an area search, but no-one was located.

Gucci shoes, Gucci suit, Christian Dior ballpoint pen, Raymond Weil watch, solid gold bangles, solid gold earrings, Cartier silver watch, Yves Saint Laurent black leather handbag, Jimmy Choo gold clutch bag amd Porsche car keys stolen. Ref. No: 43210483883

Tuesday, October 26, 2.30pm, library, Horton Road. Staff found damage to the exterior of the fire door. Ref. No: 43210483266

Wednesday, October 27, 3.45pm, Farm, SouthLea Road, Datchet. Park warden reporting three or four people on the farm believed to be hare-coursing. Ref, No: 43210485223 


Monday, October 25, 11pm to Tuesday, October 26, 9am, Fairfield House, London Road. Tyre on a car slashed. Other residents also targeted. Ref. No: 43210482930

Friday, October 29, midnight to Sunday, October 31, midnight, Ridgemount Road. Garage broken into and bike stolen. A neon green and black, Cannondale Synapse 105 bike. Ref. No: 43210491630

Sunday, October 31, 0.45am, Sunning Avenue. Cars on the drive entered by unknown means and searched, nothing stolen. Ref. No: 43210491471

Offenders jumped over security gates to access a car and entered it by unknown means – nothing stolen. Ref. No: 43210491659


Monday, October 25, 2.30pm, Tenby Drive. The aggrieved was driving along the road when two youths threw a rock at their car causing a dent and scratch. Ref. No: 43210481594

Saturday, October 30, 2am, London Road. The company has CCTV footage of a man looking around the building site with a torch. Ref. No: 43210489374

Ascot and South Ascot:

Saturday, October 23, 4.52am, Bouldish Farm Road. Burglary – tool marks found around the front door. The car keys, wallet and car had been stolen. There are several ANPR hits round the area of Romford. A dark blue Audi S5 index BD ** CNO. Ref. No: 43210478294

Sunday, October 31, 6pm, / 6.20pm, Woodend Drive. Car egged. Ref. No: 43210492465

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