REVIEW: The Boyfriend at South Hill Park

REVIEW: The Boyfriend at South Hill Park

The East Berkshire Operatic Society (EBOS) turns 70 this year and what better way to celebrate than with this colourful and lively production.

Set appropriately in 1952, a touring theatrical troupe arrive in Brighton and in front of a live bandstand transforms the promenade into the Villa Caprice, a school for young ladies on the French Rivera and perform Sandy Wilson’s The Boyfriend, the tale of young love in the roaring style of a 1920’s Broadway musical pastiche. 

The EBOS cast have a great time with their clipped ‘Oh I say’ English and embellished ‘Excusez-moi’ French accents along with their deliberate exaggerated performances.  The occasional knowing nod to the audience signifies that we are in on the fun of watching a spoof show within a super show.

This enjoyable ensemble piece showcases the talent within this society. There is some great singing from the leads and the chorus and everyone ‘went for it’ in the exuberant dance sequences.

Director Natalie Hayllor kept the show moving at an energetic pace and Musical Director, Amy Bingham provided a spirited musical accompaniment and as with most of EBOS productions, the backstage and production crew excelled with their creativity.

Congratulations EBOS, what a birthday treat.

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