REVIEW: 'Road' at South Hill Park

Terry Adlam

REVIEW: 'Road' at South Hill Park

‘Road’ is a raw, explicit, humorous, heart-breaking, brutal and emotional portmanteau production of broken Britain from the Studio Theatre Company, writes Terry Adlam.

An eclectic mix of unenviable lives on a rundown road in an unnamed northern town is exposed in a creative series of vignettes, monologues and duologues.

Director Kerry Vincent utilises the minimalist surrounds of the studio to accentuate the austerity of the situations and nurtured from an ensemble of excellent character performers, performances of such believability.

To highlight one performance would be unfair to the rest of the cast who each shone from the bleakness of this insight.

Despite the overall heighten dystopian feel of the piece, the truths it was based on made for uncomfortable viewing in some places but captivating in others.

There are moments of lightness in the dark and though hope lies in the shadows, as a piece of theatre this is a road worth travelling.

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