Not Colonel Sanders KFC but still finger-licking-good

Not Colonel Sanders KFC but still finger-licking-good

Amit Sehgal could be forgiven for thinking he was getting a meal of KFC when his wife presented him with his birthday cake on Sunday (May 31).

After all there was a bucket of original recipe chicken, a bag of deep-fried popcorn chicken, a side of baked beans, fries, a pot of ketchup and a plastic fork to eat it with.

Authentically, the bag and bucket even depicted Colonel Sanders' familiar smiling face.

But while it was an illusion, it was nonetheless finger-licking-good, lovingly created with sponge and icing by Seema, to celebrate her husband’s 32nd birthday.

“Amit has been missing KFC so I thought I would make his favourite take-away,” said the mother of one-year-old, Ari, who works in marketing and bakes in her spare time at home in Cox Green.

“It took me about 9 or 10 hours to make it over a few days.”

Seema even tricked her father-in-law by presenting him the ‘Colonel’s chicken legs’.

“He thought it was actually from KFC,” she said

Amit, like thousands of other KFC connoisseurs, no longer has to lament the closure of the fast-food chain because of coronavirus as a large number of stores have reopened for delivery and drive-thru.

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