Charismatic comedian Danny O'Brien to perform at Windsor's Old Court

Charismatic comedian Danny O'Brien to perform at Windsor's Old Court

With a string of ‘Garden Gigs’ in Ireland and developing links and performances in Guatemala, Danny O’Brien has not let the pandemic hold him back.

“It was a really strange time,” says the comedian who grew up in Wicklow, south of Dublin.

“I set up these Garden Gigs with an Aussie comic called Damian Clark, and the response was fantastic.”

The gigs adapted as the pandemic progressed performing more than 100 online shows and virtual events.

He also spent three months in Guatemala performing fundraising gigs, “I had a ball,” and incidentally found the inspiration for his new show after spotting statues of the deity Maximón overseeing the action in all the bars.

“It was the God of all things bad always had a cigarette in his mouth and a glass between its legs.

“The show is really raucous. It’s very interactive. high energy storytelling, anecdotes... it’s a really packed show. There’s a brilliant opening act called Leo Kearse.

Danny has been involved in comedy for 14 years. He came back to Ireland after a backpacking trip to find the country the ‘biggest recession in history.’

The Celtic tiger was in critical condition and Danny was not sure what to do. While thinking about working in construction, he took a writing course at college.

“There was a stand-up comedy option and I loved it.”

He’s been busy ever since and  has now come full circle now as he is now leading comedy workshops himself.

Danny also set up comedy and confidence building workshops for secondary schools all over Ireland in the last year and   launched a comedy festival with two days of sellout shows and more dozen acts with all of the festivals ticket proceeds going to children’s charities in Dublin.

He is due to teach a session at the Green Room special needs school in Windsor while he visits for the Old Court gig.

“I've played there before and it was great,” adding that the crowd subverted the south of England reputation for being inhibited and made plenty of noise.

“It just goes to show you should never stereotype.”

He’s also due to announce some exciting news relevant to comedy fans in the Thames valley area.

Danny O'Brien is performing at The Old Court, Windsor, on Saturday, March 12.

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