TV chef Tom Kerridge visits Marlow photo exhibition

Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge dropped in to an exhibition showcasing photos of Marlow wildlife at the weekend.

The Wild Marlow event, which was held at All Saints Church Hall, followed a recent photography competition run by the group seeking photos to feature on its 2021 calendar.

The exhibition in The Causeway gave visitors the chance to choose a ‘People’s Choice’ favourite from 24 shots selected by the judges.

The winning photo – called ‘I’ve Been Fishing’ by Louise Donovan – captures a bird with its prey mid-flight.

This will also feature on the calendar along with three others that won the competition earlier this month.

Marlow mayor Cllr Richard Scott was in attendance to hand out prizes to the winners.

‘I’ve Been Fishing’ by Louise Donovan (above)

He said: “It is wonderful to see the extraordinary range of wildlife that can be found in and around Marlow.

“With the work of groups like Wild Marlow and many others in the town, I hope we can continue to encourage and preserve our precious environment.”

Kerridge tweeted on Sunday to say that all the entries were ‘amazing’ after visiting the exhibition.

The calendar will soon be available from and from select shops around the town.

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