Cycling group calls for further communication with Windsor and Maidenhead council

Shay Bottomley

Windsor and Maidenhead Cycling Action Group (WAMCAG) has called for further communication with the council over issues which may affect cyclists in the Royal Borough.

At a meeting of the Maidenhead Town Forum on Tuesday, former Conservative councillor Derek Wilson, now chair of WAMCAG, provided councillors with an update on behalf of the group.

Areas of concerns raised by the group included the safety and security of bicycles in Maidenhead, as well as the introduction of Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) in the High Street.

Mr Wilson said that the WAMCAG was ‘a little bit concerned’ regarding the latter, and requested a meeting with Cllr Gerry Clark and officers to see if any of the areas under the PSPOs could be ‘reinvestigated’.

Furthermore, Mr Wilson said that a number of ‘engagement meetings’ had taken place between the council and the group regarding the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).

However, with the plan still in draft form, he called for further communication with the council on wider issues which may affect cyclists across Windsor and Maidenhead.

Speaking at the forum, Mr Wilson said: “We are very supportive of what the Royal Borough is doing, but we would also like to try and be involved more on a communication front going forward.

“Particularly if it’s in relation to cycling, because we have quite a number of members who are very keen and active cyclists, and have particular views about various things.

“I know it is happening at the moment, but it would always be worthwhile if we could be part of that consultation process – I think that would be extremely useful.”

In response, lead member for transport, infrastructure and digital connectivity Cllr Gerry Clark (Con, Bisham & Cookham), said he was ‘absolutely delighted at the dialogue’ the council had with WAMCAG.

“That said, there’s a whole lot more to do [on the LCWIP], and there’s a lot of work that’s actually happening now,” said Cllr Clark.

“The production of the LCWIP as a result of the consultations that have taken place is work that’s ongoing.”

He added: “There is a draft – I haven’t been allowed to see some of the work that’s been ongoing – but it’s close to completion. In any event, I would absolutely welcome a meeting with Tim (Golabek, service lead for transport and infrastructure), and we can set an agenda [for discussion].”

The issue of Maidenhead’s active travel measures was also raised.

In November, RBWM’s parking manager Neil Walter said the temporary barriers installed to assist social distancing would be removed in time for Christmas. However, with the barriers still in place, Cllr Clark confirmed ‘work is still ongoing’ in deciding which measures should remain.

“The tranche one measures were [funded with] money supplied to actually facilitate social distancing, transport for workers and daily life without using crowded public transport. Clearly, those measures were temporary, and it was right that they should have a timetable for review.

“That work is ongoing. There is some work that needs to be done in terms of looking at which should remain.”

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  • Pursuer

    11:55, 03 February 2022

    When is this nonsense in Queen Street going to be removed? How large does our council think that I cyclist is? In my brief (what is there left in our town?) visits to the town centre I have seen cyclists still riding on the footpath and riding against the traffic flow in the vehicle lane.



  • Pursuer

    11:51, 03 February 2022

    Does the cycling group ever think about the disturbing number of indisciplined cyclists who ride wherever there choose ignoring all traffic rules, and ride after dark in black & grey attire without lights, oblivious of the world and shout abuse when reminded that. eg they are riding on the footpath where not a shared facility?



    • Smart2k

      14:30, 05 February 2022

      Typically, a person riding on a footpath is an indication that the alternative is not safe for cycling, and therefore that the local council has failed to provide adequate, safe, infrastrstucture. As for discipline, it is interesting to note (just as an example) that government statistics show that the majority of drivers in a 30mph (i.e residential) speed limit will be speeding if traffic conditions allow. There will always be people who do not follow rules; its just that those in driving cars do it with greater frequency and greater potential consequences (a pedestrian hit with a car at 35mph has a 33% chance of being killed; at 30mph that falls to only 20%. At 20mph, it's 97% likely that they'll survive)



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