Wessex Primary School raises hundreds for Australian fire crisis

Nearly £600 was raised for the Australian bushfire crisis at a Maidenhead school last week.

On Thursday, children at Wessex Primary School dressed up in either their pyjamas or summer clothes to reflect Australia’s different time zone and season.

Staff got dressed up too as a total of £592 was raised in Adrian Close to help the fire-ravaged country.

The money will be dropped in to Bodyshop in Windsor to go alongside money raised by the company.

Cash will then be sent to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES – Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation, to help both the people and animals affected by the blazes.

An estimated one billion animals have been killed and millions of hectares of land destroyed by the devastating fires.

“The children really took it on board,” school council co-ordinator Elinor Clark said.

“The school council watched some videos and were really upset by [the fires] and went back to the classes and told them we were doing [the fundraiser].”

The whole school from nursery to year six took part in the day, with one child telling fellow students of their cousin affected by the Australian fires.

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