Security increased after raid on Burnham Beeches cafe

James Hockaday

The owner of the Beeches Cafe in Burnham Beeches has made reassurances about security following a robbery.

The incident saw frightened teenage cafe staff terrorised by a knife wielding man demanding money on August 12 at about 5.30pm.

The robber took about £15,000 and returned just over a minute later to retrieve his baseball cap which he had dropped at the scene.

“He doubled back and threatened the staff again which really freaked the staff out,” said cafe owner Kavin Marley.

“The public are so shocked that this could have happened in such a beautiful space.”

He added: “More rangers have said to me that they are going to be more vigilant and be on hand specifically when the cafe is about the close up.

“A lot of the rangers leave around closing time so the robbers waited for that moment.”

Burnham Beeches senior ranger Chris Morris said: “We are now focusing on the central area where the cafe is so people see we have a presence.

“Hopefully that will help to reassure people and also might deter people from trying anything like this again.”

The possibility of CCTV in the area is also being discussed.

Police have made no arrests and are still appealing for witnesses. Contact 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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