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London Olympics 2012 News

12:51 Friday 23 March 2012  Written by Francis Batt

Campaigners to seek sponsors for new bridge plan

river-windsor-An attempt to derail dreams of a permanent bridge across the river between Windsor and Dorney was discussed at a meeting last night.

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead's cabinet members agreed last night to allow land at Sutherland Grange, Dedworth to be used if supporters of the bridge find enough financial support to enable it to be built.

The Windsor 2012 Legacy Group wants a bridge across the river to Dorney from Sutherland Grange as a momento of the Olympics. But Dedworth resident and former councillor Jamie Jamieson appealed to councillors to block the plan immediately by refusing to allow the Grange to be used.

He said: "I spoke at the meeting in 1973 where it was agreed to compulsorily purchase the land to create a natural area. The Legacy Group says that the bridge will not impinge on wildlife here but the site was never intended to be the start of a thoroughfare across the river."

But Cllr Simon Dudley (Con, Maidenhead Riverside) who is the borough's deputy leader said that residents did support the idea of a bridge and there seemed to be a chance of it happening one day.

Neither the Royal Borough or the Olympic committee will be contributing financially to the bridge but campaigners hope to win support from sponsors. The Royal Borough's agreement last week not to ban the bridge from the Grange site could make getting that support easier.

Eton College and the the Environment Agency also own land on which the bridge would have to stand if it went ahead and will also need to agree to allow this.

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