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15:29 Monday 19 March 2012  Written by Nick Mayo

Event is held for breast cancer awareness in Chalvey

More than 30 people learned all about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer in Chalvey.

They went along to a Slough Senior Citizens event at Brook House in Spackmans Way, on Wednesday.

Presentations were made by Pat Haye, director of the Thames Valley Cancer Network, Martina Ferguson, lead breast nurse from Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals and GP Dr Anant Sachdev about the Be Clear on Cancer campaign aimed at women over 70.

The campaign, running across Berkshire, explains what to look for to spot breast cancer early and encourages women to see their GP as soon as possible if they have any concerns.

Another important message on the day was to tell women they can request breast screening every three years once over 70.

Dr Sachdev said: "Early diagnosis of breast and all cancers saves lives so we want to be sure people recognise the signs and symptoms and act early if they have any."

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