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Sunday 29 November 2015 8:38 AM
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16:44 Thu 26 Nov 2015
Gavin Ames SO Maidenhead may get its very own grammar school. That has got to be good, right? It can't do any harm to expand choice, can it? Wrong. It is divisive, elitist and ill-considered and nobody
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16:18 Tue 17 Nov 2015
Katie Mercer A conference on extremism was held at Pinewood Hotel in Slough on Monday, November 9. Speakers from Ofsted and the police presented talks on what schools and communities can do to target the radicalisation of
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09:30 Fri 06 Nov 2015
stephen jones Stephen Jones is a beekeeper from Windsor. He will be doing a regular blog for us on all things bees and honey related. 'The King and I' need to have a conversation about the birds
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10:45 Thu 19 Nov 2015
Vanessa Woolley I am hoping you will 'Like' this column. Today one of my friends signed off Facebook. He declared it a waste of his time and full of trivial garbage and boasting anecdotes. In Denmark, recent
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14:47 Mon 16 Nov 2015
Christmas Jumpers In case you hadn't already noticed, it isn't long until Christmas. Cue the gaudy jumpers-nearly as bad as Colin Firth's entrance in Bridget Jones' Diary. But look carefully enough and there are plenty of non-tacky
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11:23 Wed 04 Nov 2015
twinning1 Journalist Sarah Parfitt and her son Joshua recently took part in the Cookham Twinning Association trip to Saint Benoit with 12 others. So what was it like? At the end of October, my 8 year
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