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10:27 Wednesday 30 November 2011 

Ash Bull - Open mic nights

Ashley BullFirstly I'd like to mention to you all about an open mic night that takes place every Thursday at 9pm at the Rose and Crown in Maidenhead town centre.

The night is run by local musicians Pete Hobson and Kev Macabe, who are best known for being the guitarist and front man from the well-supported local act The Motion.

Open mic nights are incredibly advisable places for musicians to be; not only is it a great way to meet people in a relaxed environment, it's also a great place to hone your skills with very little pressure. For me though the most valuable thing about open mic is the fact that if you are looking to start a band, you can listen to what's on offer in the area and approach the right musicians for your outfit.

Entry is free for the night, all standards of musicians and vocalists are welcome and if you turn up you will be promised a slot to play.

I also want to give you all an update on the Live from Denmark Studios internet show, which is scheduled to be aired next year. The show's intent is to follow local artists who are taking the business side of the industry into their own hands. I'm hoping it will teach other bands and soloists ways they can shape their careers by witnessing first hand some of the strategies available to them.

One of the bands I am following is Feud. The band have just finished the last leg of their self-promoted UK tour and have recently been approached by a London-based management company who want to help push them.

It's still very early days in the negotiating phase and I always say that a deal isn't done until the money's in the bank, but regardless of anything else, the fact that they have interest shows that the band have what it takes to make some of the players in the industry sit up and listen.

The story will continue and I'll be sure to let you know as it unfolds.

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