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Already Blonde

Band: Already Blonde

Members: Sisters Anna and Lorna Harris from Cookham

Style: Acoustic

A pair of sisters are thrusting themselves onto the Maidenhead music scene.

Acoustic act Already Blonde, featuring teenage sisters Anna and Lorna Harris who formed in January this year after playing at a New Year's Eve charity event.

They initially played a cover of a Katy Perry song but soon started writing their own material together with Lorna as main vocalist and Anna playing guitar and singing backing vocals. 

Anna is already well-known on the Maidenhead music scene after playing in Bus Stop to Nowhere - a band she is continuing to be involved with. They took part in last year's Maidenhead Carnival Battle of the Bands.

The band was initially called G.E.E.K after their mother suggested N.E.R.D which was the name of a band already. But they have since settled on Already Blonde. 

Anna said: "People were saying we should do something together with me being able to play guitar and Lorna being a good singer.

"But it was the charity event at White Place Farm that really got us started and we went from there."

They are entered into the 2010 Maidenhead Carnival battle of the bands contest.

Photos: Some by Terry Payman

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